Visalus BodyByViSo here’s the scenario:  Married couple. Early forties (ahem), 2 careers, 2 young children and kind of in a daily grind routine.

You know what I’m talking about, right?  We know what it means to eat right and be active but sometimes life just doesn’t allow it.  Too busy at work, too expensive to buy the good food, no time to prepare healthy meals, feeling tired, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, a few years ago I had had enough and I made a significant lifestyle change – I decided to make fitness more predominant in my routine and run a marathon before my fortieth birthday.  I even chose a job that would give me the flexibility to fit my workouts in.

I completed that marathon and went on to run 12 more over the last 4 years!  I even qualified for and ran in the Boston marathon!  I developed a love of running and it became a huge part of who I am.  Now I run marathons in support of charities.  In the process I also lost 35 pounds and have never been healthier.

I tried tirelessly to get my sweetheart to run with me but it just isn’t her thing.  I had her very close to coming to the Rome marathon in March with me as part of Team in Training but unfortunately the other couple we were going to train with had some serious health challenges to overcome, so those plans fell through – damn cancer!

But the seed was sewn! We vowed to journey to a healthier lifestyle together and conveniently discovered the BodybyVi 90 day challenge!  Our goals may not be the same – mine is to re-qualify for Boston again while Chantal’s is to find her old self again – but we can, and will do this together!

It will strengthen our relationship, rekindle some fires, motivate, challenge, and maybe even create a little healthy competition.  Doing it together is just what is needed!

One final note about coming around to get started on a lifestyle change – there is never a right time.  It’s just like having children, if you wait for the perfect circumstances, they may never come around and you will miss out on the joy and fulfillment they bring in enriching your life.  The best time is when you decide it’s time – that’s it, that’s all!

We think we could help others like us who are struggling to have a healthy lifestyle so this is why we created this blog.  We want to share what we found out about Body By Vi, so you can get an honest perspective and decide if it’s right for you!

To your health!

Chantal and Patrick