Body by Vi 10 pound quest update 2

IMG_0636Okay so this week’s update will also be a little different.  You see, after the last update, I actually packed my bags and headed to Italy for a week.  I now have few lessons learned about taking the challenge on the road for you so please read on…

The first thing I want to talk about is how easy it can be to take the ViSalus products with you when you are travelling.  I put my Vi-Pak packets in my toiletries bag (I just brought enough for 7 days). This is easy since each morning and evening dose is individually wrapped.

Second thing is I had to bring my Vi Shape shake mix.  Normally I would just bring the individual serving packets with me but I gave my last ones away as samples just before leaving so I had to use the big bag.

Since I was only going for 7 days, I didn’t need to bring the whole bag with me. I just pre-measured 14 servings (2 a day) and mixed in my psyllium fiber as well.  I then used a ziplock back for that portion and stored the bag inside my shaker cup.  I then tossed it in my carry-on luggage.

When the time came, all I had to do was take a serving and mix it with whatever I could get my hands on.

Simple enough plan.

What I didn’t account for was what and where I would be eating while on vacation in Italy!

Having 2 shakes a day was a challenge in itself given the abundance of wonderful foods we had access to.

I won’t get into what I ate at each meal but I am proud to say that we actually ate very little in restaurants. We often opted for foods from grocery stores and local shops and markets.  One thing I did notice in Italian restaurants was that for most main dishes, you would have to add vegetables to your order as the main plate was either just meat or pasta.

Breakfast was included in our hotel package so I would take advantage of grabbing fruit and eating fresh foods there.  I would try to stay away from baked goods but I have to admit that I did eat quite a bit of bread over the 7 days.

I also did try to drink more water since I knew I was lacking in that habit. I still haven’t managed to continuously drink 8 glasses a day, though.

I had all the intentions of using the Sparkpeople food tracker app while in Italy but unfortunately, my phone wasn’t working so I could only use it with the hotel wifi connection when we got back in the evening and it was just too complicated to keep track during the day – so that plan was a bust.

So all in all, despite the hiccups, I think I was pretty reasonable, I think I had a shake 5 of the 7 days I was in Italy but not once did I have 2 shakes in the same day.

I know I could have easily overindulged, but I didn’t!

So what is the scale showing, you ask?

Well, after a week in Italy….

I gained 2 pounds! My 10 pound quest just became a 12 pound quest.

Oh well, such is life!

So here are my 4 takeaways you can use if you take your challenge on the road with you;

  • plan to take your products with you and make it easy to take them or you’ll just ignore them.  On the same token, it’s better to have them than not bring them at all and admit defeat without even trying.
  • don’t assume your routine will be the same while traveling.  It took me a few days to figure out how to get my morning shake in, but once I did, I felt better about having it and less guilty about all the great food I ate afterward.
  • it’s okay to deviate a little once in a while, just treat it as the exception and not the norm.
  • enjoy and adapt to the local foods.  Recognize the foods you should avoid and try to eat more of the ones you should have more of.

Until next time, don’t forget to comment HERE by guessing how many days it will take to reach my 10 (er, I mean 12) pound quest.

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