Body by Vi challenge – 2 Common Questions Answered

body by vi challengeAfter doing extensive research and self-study into health and nutrition, we thought we would save you some time and hassle and share some of the answers we found to the two most obvious questions we asked ourselves  regarding the Visalus Body by Vi challenge.

What is the Body by Vi challenge?

The BodybyVi 90 day challenge is a program designed to help people reach their health goals.  It’s not just a weight loss program or diet.  The challenge is built on a foundation of setting SMART goals and then providing the tools, training, and related products to help you achieve them.

When you sign up for the challenge, you are encouraged to make yourself accountable by recording your starting point, making your goal public, and keeping track of your progress.  This can all be accomplished directly through the Visalus BodybyVi customer portal you get when signing up for the challenge.

In that portal, there are various training videos on healthy eating, exercise programs, meal plans and even a progress tracker.

Another key to success whenever attempting a lifestyle goal is having support of those around you.  The ViSalus portal allows all Body by Vi challenge participants to create a community of mutual support where they can blog about their own challenge and encourage others who are taking it as well.

So whether your body by vi challenge goal is to lose some weight, get in better shape, or just eating and living healthier, there are Visalus products to support that but the Body by Vi challenge is more about ensuring the conditions for success are available to those who decide to make a change.

And of course, in addition to all the benefits of being healthier, like having more energy, being more productive, feeling sexier, and gaining self-confidence (just to name a few), there are also INCENTIVES to stick with the challenge  (sometimes these can be great motivators when you start having thoughts of giving up).  Once you’ve completed your challenge, you can submit your results to ViSalus and be considered in the contest for the top challenger and the over 10 million dollars a year in cash and prizes awarded to challenge participants.

Why is the Body by Vi challenge 90 days?

It took us a while to dig up the answer to this but the one we kept finding was based on behavioral sciences.  We haven’t found the concrete references to back these claims yet, but we did discover that many sources seem to concur that it takes about 90 days to form (or break) a habit.  By making the Body by Vi challenge that length, you are basically improving your chances of successfully developing healthy lifestyle habits while getting rid of the unhealthy ones.  So for the time being we can’t say it’s proven, but it does make sense.  We’ll update this answer with references once we find them.

So to conclude, we hope this cleared up some questions you might have been asking yourself.  If not, we’d certainly love to get your questions about the Body by Vi challenge below and we’ll do our best to answer them for you!


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14 comments for “Body by Vi challenge – 2 Common Questions Answered

  1. Deborah Tutnauer
    18-Mar at

    Great overview Patrick. In my time helping people achieve their 90 day challenge goals, it has been easy to see how new habits are formed and old habits are changed. It seems that the first month is the hardest. By the end of 60 days the new eating and exercise habits are solidly in place. The last 30 days is what stabilizes the whole thing and goals are reached!

    Most people find that once they reach their 90 day goal, they are so excited and happy with the results, that they set a new goal and keep going!


  2. SimplePhotos
    18-Mar at

    Thanks for that post, it really clarifies things for me! But how do you know what products you need to do your 90 day challenge?

    • defisante
      20-Mar at

      Hi and thanks for visiting. The challenge makes it pretty simple because there are 4 challenge kits to choose from. Each kit contains all the products you need to reach you personal challenge goals. If you plan on losing more than 20 pounds, consider the Transformation kit. If you would like to improve your fitness, then look into the Core kit. If you have problems eating breakfast like so many people do, then try the Balance kit to start your day off right by ensuring you get the most important meal of the day, and if want to improve your overall nutrition and avoid poor eating habits, try the Shape kit and replace 2 meals a day. Really simple solutions to help you get on track to living healthier.

  3. 24-Mar at

    Hi,what an excellent article this is,I found it on yahoo and I appreciate it very much,I agree with you, lots of things will be learned form your site,but I still have some questions with the last part,can you explain it for me ?I need your answer,and I will keep on watching your blog

  4. Ren
    17-Jun at

    I started my workout regiment in Dec.’10 and since then I have lost 25lbs. I’m hitting a roadblock. I’m a college student, is this a good thing for me to do.This isn’t going to slow me down?

    • defisante
      18-Jun at

      Hi Ren,

      Thanks for your question! It’s great that you are exercising. The important thing is that you are getting enough protein in your diet to help you rebuild those muscles that you are damaging during your exercise sessions. The Proprietary Tri-Sorb protein blend found in the Vi-Shape is rapidly absorbed into your body so it can get to work to help youe recover and be ready for your next workout. If you still want to lose weight, you have to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients and also all the energy you need get through your workouts. This is why I personally hate calorie restriction diets because they make you lose energy…Anyway, I would recommend you use 2 shakes a day. One to replace a meal and the other as a post workout recovery drink. I would also recommend you consider the Vi-Pak so you get all your essential vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, essential oils, and a unique anti-aging formula. These come in convenient single dose packets which make it really easy to stick to it. You may also want to consider the Neuro energy drink if you currently use those sugar laden sports drinks.

      So having said all that, You will find the most economical option for you is the Core Kit with an additional Vi-Shape. This will provide everything I mentioned above at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you purchased them individually. You can order it right from this link : And remember, there is a referral program that permits you to get your challenge kit for free!

      Please let me know if you have any further questions and I look forward to seeing you on the Challenge!

  5. Tab Butler
    4-Jul at

    I’ve been considering participating in the challenge but I’m not sure if shakes fit into my daily work schedule. I travel daily for my job which means blenders are not accessible. Any suggestions?


    • defisante
      5-Jul at

      Hi Tabitha,
      Thanks for visiting! Your situation is just like Chantal’s, so what we do is I either blend her a smoothie the night before that she can sip on her way to work in the morning, or she just mixes one in a shaker cup with ice cubes and skim milk before heading out the door.
      For the second shake, you can keep a 30 serving bag at work and mix it there in a shaker cup or (like my friend Greg) you can keep a magic bullet at work and whip up a smoothie in no time flat. Personally, I just shake it in a cup without using any flavor add-ins but some of my customers love those add-ins!
      Another thing you may want to consider is purchasing some individual serving packets that you can keep handy for when you are on the go. I love these for traveling!
      As you can see there are a lot of options available to you so I hope this answered your question and that we hear about your challenge success story soon!

  6. tasha
    14-Oct at

    i have been on the challenge for four days now…no cheating and exercising a bit. i have lots of energy, feel full. but when it comes to supper time and i can eat actual food is there anything i should be avoiding to speed up my results as i have not lost any weight yet. or a certain time i should be eating supper?

    • defisante
      14-Oct at

      Hi Tasha,

      You should have lean protein and vegetables. I wouldn’t eat fruits in the evening, but that’s my own opinion. I recommend you stay away from starches and breads if you want to accelerate results.

      Since you’re already on the challenge, go into your ViNet and watch the nutritional education videos under the Transformation Tools section. There you will find a really good video on what foods you should favor and also stay away from for optimal results.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Carmen
    18-Apr at

    My question is … Do I have to drink the entire shake in order to see results? I normally get full after drinking half.

    • defisante
      18-Apr at

      Well Carmen, the shake alone, when mixed with water, is only 90 calories. That qualifies as a snack normally. So depending what you mix it with, you can bring the calorie count to 250 or 300 rather easily. I don’t know what you eat in a day or what your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is, but normally if you drank 2 shakes of 250 kcal each in a day, that would leave around 950 kcal or so for the third meal and snacks to reach 1200 kcal which is about the range where your caloric intake will be lower than your expenditure and you are not in starvation mode. Sooo, I would say that if you can’t drink the entire shake in one go, you are better off sipping it over a little while longer rather than not drinking it all.

      I say this because this way, you ensure to benefit from the complete nutrition it provides and you don’t restrict your caloric intake that you may otherwise use up with less nutritious foods later on.

      I have a few customers who do this for different reasons than you but they are happy with their results.

      Good luck!

  8. Wendy
    22-Sep at


    I am just wondering if I can mix the shake mix straight into a cup of yogurt? Does it have to be blended to get the full affect.


    • defisante
      8-Oct at

      Hi Wendy,

      The blender has nothing to do with the effect (or benefits) of the shakes, however mixing it in yogurt without blending may be a little difficult…I mix it in liquid without blending but yogurt has a certain thickness to it that may prevent the powder from mixing properly. You can try it, I suppose…I do put yogurt in my smoothies on occasion, but never tried doing it without a blender.

      Good luck,


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