Body by Vi Scam?

So, you want to see if there is a Body by Vi Scam, eh?

Well, let’s show you what we uncovered when we did our own due diligence.  Here are just a few of the testimonials we’ve been able to gather from customers on the BodybyVi Challenge:

Tamara Sands ~ Since I started the Body By Vi program, besides losing 68lbs so far, as of last Oct, my cholesterol decreased from 224 to 182, my LDL from 215 to 150, my blood sugar was borderline diabetic & is now normal, I sleep, I have no pain, & I feel better than I did in my 20s!

Melissa N Kelly Vicent ~ This product is great for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. Our 10 year old daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and even though we know that NOTHING can prevent Type 1 as it is an autoimmune disease, unlike Type 2, we do know that the shakes do not spike her blood sugar like other snack and breakfast choices sometimes do. We love to hear her say, “I want a shake for my snack/breakfast.”

Donovan Dwyer ~ I am so proud of my parents: Dad is down 13 lbs after 4 weeks on the Challenge. Mom is down 6 lbs after 3 weeks and has brought her sugar levels down from the 140’s to 100-105 range.

Lucy ~ I threw away my size 15 pants last night, now I’m in a size 8 and down 37 lbs, I have 10 more to go til I hit my goal! Thanks Body by Vi!!!

Shane Lavell ~ My Facebook And ViSalus Brother Dale Bradley Was Born With Cerebral Palsy And Has Been In A Wheelchair Is Beginning To Walk Short Distances All THANKS To The Visalus Vi-Pak & The Body By Vi Challenge, Your Awesome My Man Simply Awesome!!!!”

Colton Galle ~ Think I read the scale wrong.Had to try again. 88 days ago @ 394.6 lbs 46 5/8 in @ hips wearing 4XL shirts. This am the scale read 334.3lbs. 40 inch jeans falling off 2X shirt is a little big. I’ve done the math and am in shock. I feel Better than I have in yrs. BP is lower than its ever been. blood sugars don’t require meds anymore. Pain lvls pretty null. Energy off the charts. Stress (whats that)!

Michelle Grigsby (via Vi-Net) ~ This is my 4th day on the challenge and my energry is through the roof! I fall asleep fast,wake up after about 7 hours and can’t go back to sleep. I haven’t needed 9 hours and a monster shot of caffeine upon waking up. It’s surreal!

Kathy Rodriguez (via Vi-Net) ~ I have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from broken back, neck and shoulder and since talking the Vi-Pak I have seen a huge reduction in the chronic pain and I am sleeping so much better. I am completely off of anti-inflammatory drugs and I feel great. The only thing I have changed is the Vi-pak and the Shake.

Lori Ann Schermerhorn ~ I went to the doctor today to get the result of my MRI from last week. I had one last year and they found four lesions on my brain and signs of MS. TODAY I received great news, I now only have three lesions, they are smaller in size, and there is no sign of MS! He ask me what I was doing, and I told them the only things different is ViSalus- two Vi-shakes a day (meal replacement), Neuro (drinking 2 a day) and whats very important the vi-pack. He had never heard of it,so I gave him my business card, and I will stop in next week to talk to him. So I have had a extraordinary day! ViSalus has changed my life, and now I can say it has saved my life.”

Dale Bradley ~ I have lost 30 lbs in 2 months from a wheelchair…I am passionate about Visalus!


Still thinking Body by Vi scam?  How about some more….


Angela W ~ I’m 30 days into my Body by Vi challenge and I’m feeling awesome. I’ve lost 16lbs. and overall 13″ of my body (6.5″ off my hips alone) I am so excited I’m reclaiming my life and health. If your on the fence about doing this challenge or if you currently doing this challenge start and keep going it will literally change not only the way you look but how you feel and look at life. God Bless!

body by vi scam

Gwen ~ With all the nutrition that’s in the ViSalus shakes, it’s NO WONDER I feel SO GOOD!! I can’t say enough about the difference this has made in my life. The fatigue from my MS was so bad I was on a Rx (Provigil) for “Narcolepsy” which I don’t have to take anymore!! No longer on antidepressant meds. and off 1 of 2 blood pressure medications!! I feel like a NEW me!!!

Jennifer Lukus ~ I am a living example that ViSalus can help people with Thyroid issues. I have struggled my whole life with this until ViSalus!! I just had blood work done last week and my thyroid is perfect! The doctor said, ” I don’t know what you are doing but whatever it is keep doing it”!! I have lost 43lbs and have never felt better!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ViSalus!!!!!! I am a customer for LIFE!!

Donovan Dwyer ~ Only on the challenge for 14 days and down 13.8 pounds.

Tamara Sands ~ I’ve lost 68#, 39″ overall, dropped from 22W to size 12 – still losing! Feeling AWESOME!

Daniele Mcfadden-Armijo ~ I have! Lost 40 lbs and still losing! It really works….

Christian Tennant ~ I lost 35lbs and still losing!

Tony Sama ~ ‎49 pounds in 5 months.

Trista Smith ~ I lost 28 lbs in my first 90 day challenge, then the second one another 25.5. Total of 53.5 as of yesterday. 1.5 more for my ultimate goal of 55 ugly pounds GONE!

Peter Bunting ~ I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Visalus & their product line. As a fulltime athlete (60+ hrs./wk.) in the sport of soccer for countless years, lol I did some pretty decent damage to the ole’ bod! My biggest issue WAS early onset athritis, where it was growing increasingly difficult to function “normally” on a …day-to-day basis. Visalus’ products & the 90 Body ByVi Challenge has rid me of the daily residual stiffness & pain that I was experiencing, not to mention, add about 6 lbs. of muscle, allowing me to run a 1/2 marathon & currently training for the full. Being an athlete that receives a sense of freedom from running….THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!!! Not too mention that I’m 42. So, I’ve got a completely new lease on life as I get older, dare I say I’m feeling younger? ;-) Thanks for represencing me too what Visalus & The Challenge has done for me!

Tatum Quiroz ~ I am overweight and tired of living in my 20s not being HOT! Visalus has taken 7 lbs in two weeks from my body. I know thats just the beginning. I am so excited to see my sexy body revealed. I didn’t think it would work for me but with the money back guarantee what did i have to lose!? i became a distributor and was truly amazed at the amount of people joined with me and because of me. I love knowing that i am changing lives and getting paid to do it!! Rising Star and Bimmer here i come!

Ron Pruett ~ For my wife and I, I have lost 37 lbs and my wife has lost 31 lbs. But more importantly we have more energy because of the product. As far as doing the business goes I would like to say that we are both retired now. We are absolutely unemployable

Barbara Ball ~ Good Morning Sunshine!!! Great day today!! Starting my 4th week of my challenge.. I’ve lost 5 more lbs and 2 inches AND just got into a pair of old size 5 jeans!! Also on a side note, off 2 meds now!! Huge when you don’t have insurance.

Tamara of Ohio ~ down 66lbs since April, dropped from size 22W to size 12, reduced HDL by 42 pts, LDL by 65 pts, blood pressure normal, blood sugar normal, have more energy than I had in high school…give yourself the gift of health this holiday season and the years to come.

Amanda Graves Rivera ~ I started my challenge on October 21st to lose that last 10-12 lbs of “baby fat” from having two kids… 60 days in 10 lbs lighter! HDL Cholesterol down 30pts, LDL down 20pts… my husband ( he has lost 14 lbs) and I are starting a new 90 day challenge January and adding weights and cardio to lean it out some more!

Tamara Sands ~ Because of ViSalus I can now get up each morning feeling like I slept the night before because I no longer have apnea…because of ViSalus my cholesterol is back to normal levels along with my blood sugar…because of ViSalus I’ve lost 62# …since April 2010 and am still losing…because of ViSalus I can now wear the ‘skinny’ clothes I used to wear (size 22W to size 12)…because of ViSalus I can now play soccer with my grandson, carry him on my shoulders without pain or shortness of breath and just plain PLAY with him…because of ViSalus I have my life back to live for ME again…I love ViSalus!

Chamonda Rush ~ I started the challenge Dec. 10th and hav lost a total of 20lbs.Im n love with my shakes.It saves me time and money.My stomach has shrinked to the point where i cannot eat my entire dinner.I can only eat half.My bday is Feb.8th and I cant wait to shop where i couldnt for years.Thanks Visalus

Kristy Blankenship Blair ~ I am old school Body By Vi, been around since the beginning :) I will always be on the Challenge! I’ve lost over 25 lbs, numerous inches… Went from 16 to 12 in about 4 weeks!! Also use the Vi Pak, had total hip replacement in May and healed much easier and quicker than normal :) My daughter drinks a shake every morning before she leaves for school and is also ADHD. She now takes the Omega Vital INSTEAD of Focalin!!! These products are AMAZING!!!

Michelle Stover ~ Between my husband, myself and my daughter we have lost over 105 lbs. My husband lost 65#, won the male body by vi challenge, I have lost 20# and our daughter lost 28# and she’s 18…this product works

Mardra Semoine Chandler ~ I am UP one black BMW, DOWN 20 pounds, DOWN 2 jean sizes, LOST 5 inches in thighs, LOST 4 inches in chest, LOST 4 inches in hips, LOST 6 inches in waist! UNDER 200 pounds for the first time in 3.5 years…Drinking shakes that taste like Mc Donalds’, still eating regular food, and STILL drinking lots of Champagne!!! THANK YOU VISALUS

Bonnie Harvey Kilgore ~ I started my first 90 day challenge the last of August. I have lost 30 pounds, reduced my A1C from 6.9 to 5.6, my cholesterol from 220 to 193 and my blood pressure to perfect! Body by vi has totally has changed my life and my health. Another thing, not only have I lost weight and gotten healthier, there is now not one but THREE FREE BLACK BMW’s in my family! Now that is a pretty sight at family gatherings!!!

Drexel Long ~ I’m on my 30th day of my 90 day fitness challenge. I am not trying to lose weight or gain muscle but maintain what I have created over the yr w/ running track and bodybuilding. I’m having great workouts and energy thru out the day. I feel good. I have visible abs. As a bodybuilder I only had abs when I was prepping for a competition or as a sports model when I had a photoshoot. With our products and me doing crossfit I’m in beteer shape…woohoo

Alex Bonds ~ Because of Visalus I’ve lost 42 pounds, drive a free car, won a cruise, got a free trip to L.A. and made enough money to keep from losing my home! Life (and Visalus) is great!

Matt Jeffers ~ My family of 4 took the Body By Vi Challenge & lost over 300lbs in 90 days, as a family. My wife & I won the couples championships in June of this year, went to Hollywood for our makeover & still have a cruise to go on. We love this stuff & IT WORKS. If we can get a 17yr old in high school to lose …over 75lbs & not complain, that should tell you this product works…

Tish Black-Hughes ~ It’s officially, my first 90 Day BODY BY VI CHALLENGE ended….I have lost 68 POUNDS….24 INCHES….DOWN 4 PANT SIZES IN 90 DAYS!!! Woohoooo and I feel GREAT!

Rachel Stevenson Bragg ~ I went from a size 14 to a size 10 in less than 60 days! I have more energy, I am saving a ton of money and I am looking and feeling better everyday. I am getting compliments all the time on my weight loss. I have also gone unrecognized in the last couple of weeks, loving it. It’s easy, quick and it tastes so good! Join us and create your story.

Emalee Fulton ~ My name is Emalee, and I am 400lbs. My doctor has told me that if my wieght doesnt come down, I will not live much longer. I haven’t started my visalus challenge yet, but, I can already feel the effects of a strong program. Plenty of supporting people and many inspiring stories. I have to thank Tim Garner for putting the plan in my head and encouraging me to follow up with Body by Vi. I can honestly say that I am uncomfortable in my body and seeing and talking with so many Visalus challengers has opened my eyes to a new way of life and a fun way to lose weight. Weight watchers couldn’t hold a candle to the bond that I am experiencing with all the Visalus family. Thank you everybody for finding faith in me and encouraging to turn my life around take control of my body.

Melanie Milletics ~ I was a size 8 mom forever! I ate well, exercised regularly – DANCED often… and stayed an 8! My 90 Day Challenge was to add the Vi-Shape shake for breakfast and post workouts… and I shrunk to a muscular 4 – EZ!

Yolanda Mathis-Rollins ~ Lovin my shake that tastes like cake! Lost 15lbs so far. Losing weight and gettin paid can’t beat that….super excited!


So as you can see, there are hundreds of people willing to share their success stories about the bodybyvi challenge….

But don’t take our word for it, do your own due dlligence!  Do some Google searches and also visit the corporate site to find all kinds of answers to questions you may have.  Then you decide for yourself if it’s possible that there’s a Body by Vi scam.

9 comments for “Body by Vi Scam?

  1. Bob Ricotta
    4-May at

    I cannot find any info on what you are supposed to eat for your third meal of the day. If it is a real restricted meal I cannot see this working for me. Unfortunately I am the kind of person that needs something to look forward to.

    • 4-May at

      Hi Bob,

      If you are asking about a third meal, it’s because you are considering a challenge kit that is replacing 2 meals with Shakes. I’ll assume that’s where you’re coming from okay? Remember that the challenge is designed to improve your nutrition and also to promote healthier eating and an active lifestyle. As a customer, you will get access to tools and trainings to help you do that such as videos from a dietician and a training log, so you can keep track of your progress.

      Now, having said that, we recommend your third meal be a healthy one. It is not restrictive. We do educate you on foods you should be avoiding and/or reducing such as saturated fats, sugars, and refined carbs like enriched flour, for example. We also recommend 2 healthy snacks a day so that you are not ravenous come supper time and then overeat. These are just basic principles and I don’t consider them restrictive – just more educated.

      Please feel free to visit our site and fill in the Guestbook with your phone number and I’ll gladly share my personal experiences with you as well as those of the people I have met since being on the challenge.



  2. Buster Scopel
    18-Aug at

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

  3. rtyecript
    24-Aug at

    I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  4. lisa
    18-Feb at

    This poduct has soy.. it is not advertised with soy.. only vitamins. Please reveiw the implications of soy before you take this product. I did not and had medical issues as well as hormone changes..

    • defisante
      20-Feb at

      defisante :
      Hi there,
      Thanks for visiting and voicing your concerns. Your points are valid, but do not apply to the Vi-Shape shakes…Let me explain.
      Our protein is a patented Tri-Sorb blend. Here is a quote explaining what that is from one of our scientific advisory board members

      “The Tri-Sorb protein blend is a unique blend of highly absorbable proteins. First we use non-GMO soy that has been processed to remove isoflavones that can impact estrogen. Why soy? It is a complete protein, easily digested, and adequate consumption can help the body reduce cholesterol and c-reactive protein. Studies show that soy can build lean muscle as good, and in some studies better than whey proteins.
      We then use a whey concentrate, and the newest technology in whey hydrolysate. This is the most concentrated and ‘clean’ protein on the market today, and is very expensive. The key reason is it builds lean muscle. The FDA allows it to be called a ‘fat loss accelerant’ as a result, the only protein that can use that claim. Our proteins have been specially processed to remove fat, lactose, and carbs.
      We add in the Aminogen, a patented and clinically tested amino acid to aide protein absorption. Many body builders buy this product in nutrition stores to aid their body. We include it.
      The key is that not all proteins are created equal. If you read the nutritional labels, some will use gelatin to ‘spike’ the grams of protein, great for skin and hair, but not so good at building muscle. Some use milk powder or milk protein, great for bone health, but not so good at building lean muscle. Some use whey, which is ok, but only about 75-80% absorbed. So with ours, its quality, not quantity…and we absorb more because of our blend.”

  5. woody
    15-Oct at

    what about the effects of soy and breast cancer?please explain what non gmo means.

    • Defisante
      3-Apr at

      Okay, first things first. The Soy in the Vi-Shape is isoflavone free. It is the isoflavones in soy that have been known to impact estrogen. It is the bodies production and management of estrogen that has been linked to breast cancer. You can find the medical article about it here.

      Now while we’re on the topic of isoflavones and estrogen, that is why male bodybuilders usually shy away from soy-based proteins. I suppose they are afraid of what elevated estrogen levels can do to their bodies – no need to draw a picture here….Yet once again, the Vi-Shape is not like other proteins because the isoflavones have been removed.

      Now for your second question; what is GMO? GMO is an acronym for genetically modified. You have probably seen and heard a lot about how foods are being genetically modified by major producers and we are not completely sure of the side effects of such enhancements on human health. Well the Vi-Sahpe contains non-GMO soy protein.

      Hope this helps.

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