Body Fat Calculator

body fat calculatorLooking to know how much body fat you have, here is a simple body fat calculator to help you figure it out.

When I started my first 90 day challenge, every week I took measurements of my chest, waist, and hips in addition to my weight.  I wanted to see what changed as my Body by Vi challenge progressed.

I was not interested in weight loss but was aiming for reducing my body fat.

I didn’t really measure with a body fat calculator, I just went by those measurements and used calipers to pinch the fat at my waist.

By the end of my challenge, I was down a few pounds but I was also a different shape. My waist and hips were smaller by 2 inches each, and the pinch went from 22 mm to 14 mm.

If I plug some of those numbers into a body fat calculator like the one below, it shows I went from 18.4% bodyfat to 14.4%.  That’s  a 4% reduction because of my Vi Challenge!

Now I know this isn’t a sophisticated body fat calculator, but it serves it’s purpose, so go ahead and bookmark this page and use it for tracking your own challenge progress.

Please go ahead and share your own challenge results below and let us know if you find this body fat calculator useful.

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