BodyByVi challenge Week 1 – What to expect

For this first post, we decided it would be important to relay what we’ve experienced during the first week of our bodybyvi challenge so you can get an idea of what it is like and what to expect if you try the challenge yourself.

For our challenge, we used the BodybyVi Shape Kit, which consists of replacing 2 meals a day with the Vi-Shape shakes and also ensuring to eat 2 healthy snacks between meals.

The Vi-Shape shakes are vanilla flavoured and can be taken as is.  You also get some assorted flavour packets you can add but we preferred to drink them plain or with fresh fruit blended into a smoothie.

So here are a few things we learned in this first bodybyvi challenge week:

  • If you are ashamed or unhappy about how you look, use it as motivation to stick with it during this first critical week where you’re trying to establish a new routine of replacing 2 meals a day and eating healthier snacks than you might have been before.  Keep your “why am I doing this” very present in your mind during this week.
  • Personally, we both found the vanilla shakes sweet on their own even though there is no sugar in them.  Our favourite smoothies were made with fruits that would actually cut the sweetness, like blueberries and fresh grapefruit.  Have fun experimenting to come up with a recipe you really enjoy!
  • I have some other lessons learned in this video:

Finally, keep in mind that a BodybyVi challenge with 2 Vi-shakes a day will probably cause you to be a little “gassier”  than usual for a few days.  This is because you are likely increasing your fibre intake so it’s only normal.   For me. It was usually within an hour or two of taking a shake.  The good news is it goes away and you will become more regular (which is good for your belly).

But just to make light of this temporary “situation” I have developed a few coping techniques you might want to consider (yes, this is a joke)…
1 – always drive around with the windows down or you risk suffocating yourself…
2 – if you have a dog, keep a treat in your pocket so he is always by your side, then you have a constant fall guy when you pass gas.
3 – if you must take public transit, be the last to get on so you can be near the door and quickly get off at each stop to “get some air” as a courtesy to others.
4- stay at the back of the yoga class so you don’t offend when doing the downward-facing dog pose.

No really, it’s not that bad…;-)

So that covers our first week!  Go ahead and leave a comment below if you have any questions about our experience or about the BodyByVi challenge!

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13 comments for “BodyByVi challenge Week 1 – What to expect

  1. astrology
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    19-May at

    Wonderful article thank you.

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  6. Karen
    8-Sep at

    I have been on the 90 day challenge for 7 days now and feel like my stomack is getting bigger. I don’t eat in the morning only have my drink but have a snack when I get to the office at 730 Then I have a snack at 1100 and a light lunch at 1:00 chicken wrap or just a bowl of veg. again at 3:00 I have a bar or a apple. Then at 5:30 I would have another shake and put some kind of fruit in it. I have back problems and try to exercise every other day at phiso. But my concern is why is my stomack getting bigger could it be the milk because I never drink milk? I have noticed that my once a week in the washroom is now every other day. Should I just wait one more week and see what happens or change the milk to something else???

    • Defisante
      14-Mar at

      If you don’t regularly drink milk. Don’t start now. You may be lactose intolerant. Besides, there are many other liquids you can use to make the shakes. I usually recommend unsweetened almond milk.

      As far as regularity, It is a common occurrence and usually attributable to an increase in fiber. Your body will adapt. Personally, I even add 6g of whole psyllium husks to my shakes but I had to build up to that amount over several weeks….that’s all I’m going to say about that…

      Keep it up but don’t change more than one thing at a time so you know what the effects are.

  7. Anonymously on the bodybyvi
    27-Mar at

    So my girlfriend and I have been on the body by vi challenge for about 4 to 5 days, maybe longer, and we have been so gassy! I’ve never had this bad of gas in my entire life. It’s super embarrassing, and I can hardly stand the smell. It’s disgusting. We don’t know what to do, so she told me to ask the girl who sold it to us, but that’s too embarrassing. I saw you say something about increase in fibre causing gas and bloating, but is it really supposed to smell that nasty?! We’re going to stay on the challenge and just hope it passes… Literally.

    • Defisante
      28-Mar at

      Hi. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to be experiencing gas when you first start your challenge (or change any food you eat for that matter). It should last about 5 days so stick with it. If your gassines continues beyond that, I suggest you look at what you are using to make your shakes because you may be intolerant to something. Please watch this video that explains in more detail and good luck on your challenge!

  8. teresa
    20-Jun at

    I have been drinking two shakes a day for a month now only lost three lbs is this normal

    • Defisante
      3-Jul at

      Going to need more info than that, Teresa. What is in your shakes? What else are you eating in the day? How much water are you drinking?

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