Body by Vi Reviews – Why We DON’T Recommend the ViSalus BodybyVi 90 day challenge

Body by Vi ReviewsBodybyVi review: is it a scam?

We have to write an honest review about the BodybyVi 90 day challenge because that’s who we are.  So if you prefer a biased review that promises you’ll fit in that sexy white sundress in 90 days, you might want to go elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you want to really understand the reason why we don’t recommend the ViSalus BodybyVi 90-day challenge to everyone, please keep reading.

Then again, if you don’t care about reviews and prefer to rely on advertising, promotions, and marketing information to make your purchasing decision, you can CLICK HERE to go directly to the ViSalus website, but be warned, you may be setting yourself up for failure if you skip the rest of this article.

Okay, so we’ve got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get down to how we came about forming our recommendation… We believe in cutting through the hype and sensationalism.  Rather than just taking what we read at face value, we decided to experience the 90 day challenge ourselves and also consult with independent health, nutrition, and fitness experts before formulating our recommendation. So before we explain why we don’t recommend the BodybyVi 90 day challenge, let’s reveal a few things we do agree with:

  1. There is no denying that following the 90 day challenge has (and will) result in fat loss and overall improved health because of the nutrients going into your body compared to the average diet.  Now for some, it may be more weightloss than others.  The true test should not really be pounds lost but rather inches, because we know that muscle weighs more than fat (after several comments regarding this statement, let me clarify so everyone understands – muscle is more dense than fat, so for the same mass volume, muscle will weigh more).  So if someone is following the BodybyVi program and is also exercising more, they will not only be burning off fat but will be building muscle.  The net result will be a slimmer physique, not necessarily a lighter one – this is especially true for slimmer or more athletic people who take the challenge.  You will therefore find that overweight people lose much more in the 90 days.  It’s all relative, so manage your expectations.
  2. We also agree that the challenge kits are affordable and accessible to everyone.  Replacing meals with the BodybyVi shakes is a cheaper alternative to restaurant meals or groceries.  So in essence, the challenge kit pays for itself in savings on food.  Not to mention the refer 3 and it’s free program…
  3. ViSalus also provides its customers with access to an online community for support and to hold yourself accountable, a simple way to get your friends to do it with you, and neat prizes as incentives to stick with it.
  4. Finally, we admit that the BodybyVi 90 day challenge program is simple and convenient – both important elements when you are trying to develop long term healthy habits. From the quick and easy way to eat a healthy breakfast to the challenge kit delivered to your door every month, this is really putting all the chances of success on your side.

Click here for detailed information about the BodybyVi 90 day challenge program

So what is the problem, you ask? Well, we believe that products like this could be used incorrectly to the uninformed.

Yo-Yo with BodybyVi?

One of the biggest problems people have when it comes to weightloss is being able to KEEP the weight off afterward.  We’ve all heard of the yo-yo effect, right? You’ve seen it before:

  • Calorie restriction diets: rapid weightloss in the short term, followed by a plateau and then even greater weight gain because the body tries to recover from starvation mode and store more energy as a result. Not to mention the high probability of binge eating…
  • Calorie counting: tedious and not habit forming. The result is an over 80% reversion to previous eating patterns.  See the article we wrote about this for more information.
  • Restricting or eliminating certain foods: Rapid weight loss but not a sustainable nutrition alternative.  Especially for those who may not have the money for or access to highly nutritious foods.

So knowing that the BodybyVi challenge does produce results, we feel that there will be those who complete the challenge, achieve their goal, and then go back to their previous patterns.  They will eventually gain it all back! It is vitally important that those who take the challenge, also educate themselves on nutrition and strive to be more active.  A sustainable healthy lifestyle is about nutrition and exercise. It can’t be one or the other. For the BodybyVi challenge program to be successful, consumers need to develop new patterns and behaviors during those 90 days, and then keep them afterward.  That doesn’t necessarily mean replacing 2 meals a day with shakes for the rest of your life, but it does mean understanding what foods are good and bad for you and making the right choices.

Our Complete Body by Vi Reviews Recommendation

So to get back to our recommendation – If you plan on losing weight fast and then going back to how you ate before, then we don’t recommend you take the BodybyVi 90 day challenge. On the other hand, if you understand that this is not a DIET and you want to use the challenge, the tools and the resources that are provided, to help you get educated on proper nutrition, and develop a healthy and active lifestyle for the long term, then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you choose the Body by Vi challenge kit that suits your goals and you embark on the journey to a new you Today!

Click here to learn more about the ViSalus BodybyVi 90-day challenge program body by vi canada

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455 comments for “Body by Vi Reviews – Why We DON’T Recommend the ViSalus BodybyVi 90 day challenge

  1. Julian
    19-May at

    I agree. The BodybyVi90 Day Challenge is a lifestyle choice, a healthy lifestyle choice. At the start of my 90 day challenge I was only thinking weight loss but with a few weeks left I have seen the inches drop more than the pounds. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in 15 years! I will always incorporate a Vi-shake in my day!

  2. Melanie Milletics
    19-May at

    I was a size 8 mom forever! I ate well, exercised regularly – DANCED often… and stayed an 8!

    My 90 Day Challenge was to add the Vi-Shape shake for breakfast and after my workouts… and I shrunk to a muscular 4 – EZ!

  3. ana
    4-Jun at

    I’ve already lost 110 ibs slowly- over 3 years. Mostly through diet and some exe1rcise. I’m bored and just want to finish. Overall I want to loose 60 more ibs and realy step up my exercise- but I have hit a plateau phisicaly and emotionaly. Would this be good for me?

    • 6-Jun at

      In answer to your question, most definitely this program could be for you!

      Congratulations on your results so far! You should be proud of your accomplishment!

      I guess you can agree that you need a sustainable lifestyle change so that you don’t gain any of those lost pounds back! That would just be a shame after all your hard work!

      I completely agree with you that a formula that involves proper nutrition and exercise is the best way to a long term healthy lifestyle and you will definitely accomplish that if you follow the challenge and make the best use of all the resources it provides.

      Plus you have the opportunity to be compensated for your efforts by winning prizes for your transformation and getting your challenge kit for free if you have three friends who do the challenge with you (it’s very simple to do and a huge monetary incentive for people these days).

      You can get all the details about the challenge by watching the videos HERE and make sure you leave your contact info the guestbook to get access to the free report.

      I look forward to seeing on your challenge and being a part of your success!

  4. Deon
    18-Jun at

    I came into this business after joining the bodybyvi lifestyle change. I continue to be amazed and overjoyed at the results my customers and distributor are having. Just tonight I talked with a customer, just checking on him really, and not only had he lost 8 pounds but he had gone to the doctor and his blood pressure was normal! Which had not been the case for the past 10 years. Besides the weight, which you will lose, its the health benefits that are really the best aspect of body by vi. If you want to lose weight, save money, AND get healthy you have finally found what you have been searching for. I encourage you to join our family. This is NOT a diet but a lifestyle change.

  5. Crystal P
    23-Jun at

    This article doesnt really tell me what those nutrition experts said about the Body By Vi shake. I am always looking at things out there for people that i interact with. I am not biased just because I am a Beachbody Coach because I believe in equal opportunity and I am a Christian so I am not going to bash something when everyone should have the right to choose. But you aren’t telling me anything about the science behind it as a “critic”. I am not going to look at Body By Vi website when you say that it is promotional and of course its biased towards the product. I want real people, third party telling me what they have found and what they know about it.

    • defisante
      23-Jun at

      Hi Crystal!
      Thanks for your comments. I specifically wanted to keep this review succinct and not too long. I have other articles about personal testimonies of my friends and customers on the way. There are just too many to put in one post so I have to figure out a simple and entertaining way to present them. For example, one of my friends, Alecia Barnes has lost over 100 pounds on the challenge and she is a completely different person not only physically but emotionally as well. We are putting together a video of her touching story. Alecia was also a runner up in the Challenge and won a cruise! She really deserved it.
      As for the science, you can visit some of Dr. Michael Seidman’s publications here ( and also research the scientific advisory board. The science was beyond the scope of my review.
      Finally, as far as nutritionists go, the response I got was always the same and you can find an article I wrote about that here (
      Again, thanks for the feedback!

  6. Steven Gervais
    4-Jul at

    I would just like to ask a few questions. I’ve watched a few videos and read some articles on these shakes. Now my first concern is that they say you have to eat this many of these, and that many of those to get the equal nutrition of one shake. However, does the shake contain all the anti-cancer. anti-bacterial, and anti-viral compounds found in the natural vegetables we should be eating, such as sulforaphane, glucoraphanin, and indole-3-carbinol?
    I’m almost certain that it is missing many nutrients that you can get from real food. Now I’m not trying to say that these are not nutritious, but you cannot really say that they can replace all of the fruits and veggies that is stated.

    • defisante
      4-Jul at

      Hi Steven,
      Thanks for visiting, and those are great questions so I’ll do my best to answer them and point you to the resources for more information as well.
      First and foremost, you can never replace ALL the nutrients found in fresh food (and we highly recommend you don’t try to anyway) but the reality is people in general don’t get their essential nutrition from the stuff they eat, so the shakes are a great alternative in that regard. If someone is eating fresh fruits and vegetables all day, there really is no need for meal replacement then is there? Aside from maybe the convenience factor, that is.

      So let’s look at the nutrients you mentioned specifically, though…
      Sulforaphane, glucoraphanin, and indole-3-carbinol => I see you can get all of these from broccoli and brussel sprouts. I don’t see them mentioned on the Vi-Shape information label, however. You can find the complete nutritional information here .

      And as for your second question, please watch the video again because it is merely comparing nutritional elements of each of the foods to the Vi-Shape, not the entire nutrition of each. For example, the equivalent vitamin E of 1.5 cups of broccoli, and so on…

      I hope this clarifies for you and thanks for your comment!

  7. Eueie
    11-Jul at

    Thanks for the very informative and fair review. Appreciate the info!!

  8. wesley c muller
    22-Jul at

    Well I am diabetic and use a wheelchair to get around. I am 100 lbs over weight and want to get a better grip on my health. So I need help with what to do for a workout as well as a meal plan. So my question is about how your products would be of help with this.

    • defisante
      22-Jul at

      Hi Wesley,
      I can’t legally make claims about the effect of the 90 day challenge on diabetes but I can tell you that the products are diabetic friendly and that I do have some friends who are diabetics and have taken the challenge with impressive results. Better nutrition has a whole bunch of positive benefits. You are in the right mindset to be thinking of nutrition AND exercise. The Vi-Net that you will get access to for free once you start your challenge has training videos and tools you can use to help you eat better and also set up an exercise plan. I hope this answers your questions, and I look forward to hearing your 90 day challenge success story too!

  9. John
    27-Jul at

    I’m 46, have been working out 5 days a week 2 hrs a day with cardio on 2 of those days. I eat 4 meals a day and drink one Optimum Gold Standard protein shake with 5 grams of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) first thing in the morning and after my workout. I still can’t lose the last couple of inches of fat for my six pack to show and saw a picture of Matt (12% bodyfat in 12 weeks!!) on his site. I’d like to get Matt’s nutrition/workout plan if that’s on line somewhere since he has the look I want. I’m also curious if the Visalus products would be a better workout shake mix or if there are any other products that would help me reach those six-pack ab goals??


    • defisante
      7-Aug at

      Hi John,
      I responded to you offline but to inform our readers, here is a summary of the info we provided you. You probably already know that to get a 6-pack, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can do sit ups till the cows come home and if that’s all you’re doing, you’ll have a strong abdomen, but no six to show for it! So here’s what my good friend Brooke (a fitness competitor) has to say about the diet you should be following to reveal those elusive abs…”Hey there! it is 80% diet. 2 Vi-Shape shakes a day, high fibrous veggies and white fish, chicken, egg whites and lots of healthy fats. Fat burner is helpful too. Hope this helps!” As far as exercises go, I recommend you check out Timothy Ferriss’ new book, “the 4-hour Body” He’s got a great section in there that focuses specifically on hacking into the key exercises you need to do to reveal those abs. Just know that aerobic exercises don’t work your abs, they work your heart, and resistance training burns more fat than aerobics training does. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  10. Suzanne
    5-Aug at

    Not sure I agree with your angle. Here, you’re talking about a yo-yo diet like you’re going to abuse the ViSalus system or something. As though people won’t WANT TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. Rather than telling people about the CORE PROGRAM AFTER THEY LOSE THE WEIGHT IN ORDER TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF….

    • defisante
      7-Aug at

      Hi Suzanne, thanks for your comment. Seems we are saying the same thing. Note our recommendation has a very big caveat…”It is vitally important that those who take the challenge, also educate themselves on nutrition and strive to be more active. A sustainable healthy lifestyle is about nutrition and exercise. It can’t be one or the other.” In other words, it is a BIG MISTAKE to think that meal replacements alone are the key to losing weight and keeping it off long term. No nutritionist will recommend meal replacement over healthy foods. Also, I’m pretty convinced that people WANT to keep the weight off, the point is they fail in the HOW to keep it off…..What we are talking about here is providing a catalyst to achieve a healthy weight or fitness goal in 3 months but that must not end there. They must use the tools and systems provided to educate themselves as well! I prefer to have a customer who reaches his/her goals with the appropriate challenge kit and also becomes a wiser consumer so that they make healthier food choices and eventually, only use the Vi-Shape occasionally for the nutritional punch, convenience, or protein it provides. If you think they should be using the Vi-Shape for weight loss for the rest of their lives in lieu of healthy foods, I think you are mistaken. Now the Vi-Pak is another story. This is a very convenient and effective way to take essential oils, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging SUPPLEMENTS.

  11. Peter
    5-Aug at

    I have a friend that was a Type 1 diabetic and she took ViSalus products to her doctor, who recommended she try them. Once she did, her diabetes is actually getting better. She is impressed, and her doctor is impressed and will now refer other patients to ViSalus products.

    • defisante
      7-Aug at

      Hi Peter, that’s great news although doctors cannot prescribe the products because it is not FDA approved to treat diabetes. However, there is certainly enough anecdotal evidence out there that shows people with diabetes who took the challenge and then came off their meds (Type II). I suspect it has more to do with the massive weight loss and the positive impact THAT has on the body’s ability to self-regulate insulin levels. But hey, that’s good news too isn’t it?

  12. notreallysureaboutthis
    12-Aug at

    So… you can’t make claims about it’s effects on Diabetes, thats fine (though old news. Type 2 diabetes is quite often eliminated by diet/exersize because lack of diet/exersize causes it, easy peasy there, not “news”). But I’ve been reading a lot about it’s effects on Crohns. Do you have access to actual scientific evidence of those effects? I mean, these are shakes. What can they possibly do to reduce the inflammation associated with Crohns? those who are sufferers already know what foods not to ingest, so isn’t this, by effect, just reiterating that by saying “drink your shake that won’t cause a flare up instead of eating those leafy greens that will cause a flare up, even though I could just choose not to eat the leafy greens and therefore prevent a flare-up without needing your shake”? I have read claims that it CURES Crohns. I have seen that word used. Furthermore, there is a woman in a video who said that she stopped taking her Crohns medication without doctor approval. YOu do realize that having a video suggesting that people stop taking their various medications without medical approval will set you up for all kinds of potential lawsuits? That seems like something you should REALLY reconsider suggesting. Yes, most people will not be as stupid as that woman, who put her life and health at risk, and will consult their doctor first, but there will be those who could be suffering from any number of diseases who may think, well, she went off her life saving medications, so will I. I mean, it basically opened Body By Vi up to all kinds of medical issues by saying, stop taking your meds, our product will sustain your life without need for those medicines. Pretty serious stuff there. I mean, ONE lady just decided to stop, and she got lucky.. for now. It could be months between flare-ups, and since she’s “newly” diagnosed, she may not know how often her body will react or have flareups. She took a chance, and thus far, its been ok. Thus far. But what if thousands start doing it, and having all kinds of complications from not taking their meds, or even people with other diseases, both mental and physical? You guys just gave them permission and claimed your product makes it ok. A mention in the fine/small print aint gonna do it, especially on a video that could be circulating without the back-up data from the original page it was taken from. Personally, I wouldn’t want that responsibility on my shoulders. But one woman taking a chance is NOT scientific research. So the long-winded question here is… where is the scientific evidence? Sorry to play devil’s advocate here, I just haven’t seen anything new beyond the old fad diet stuff and silly hype videos, and a “phew, thank goodness it didnt end up worse!” with no science.

    • defisante
      12-Aug at

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment. I have not seen the video you are referring to but I doubt it is a company produced video that would claim that. My suspicion is that it is a customer testimonial – and as you say if that was the result for her, good news for her!

      Now as far as being a treatment for Crohn’s disease I have not seen anything to that effect, nor do I believe ViSalus Sciences would unless Dr Siedman and the advisory board get FDA approved for that, which they aren’t.

      I have a friend with Crohn’s and I never approached her about the Vi-Shape (yet) but even if I did, I would ask her to get the green light from her doctor before taking it. I have another friend with IBS and when she asked me about the challenge, I checked with ViSalus Sciences and they responded as I suspected they would. I will paste that here for your convenience :

      We can’t make drug claims, so I don’t have research on how our shake and Vi-pak can help. We do know that good nutrition is always important.
      Chron’s disease (colitis)is an inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract. It is thought to be an auto immune disease, where the body’s immune system attacks the gastro intestinal tract.

      Symptoms vary, and no two people are alike, so they should talk to their doctor before taking any of our products. There is some evidence it can be helped with diet.

      Here is a good link from Web MD on diets.` I would think that our Vi-Pak, Nutra-Cookie, and shake could be beneficial. They should run it by their doctor, as every case of chron’s is different. Neuro, etc. should be fine too, as it has high b vitamins which they may find helpful.

      For our product information sheets, go to this site ( and scroll down toward the bottom where you’ll see a box for the Vi-Shape and the Vi-Pak. there you can view the detailed product information for each.

      Thanks again for your comment. It’s always better to check with your physician if there is any possibility of risk.

  13. Susan
    14-Aug at

    I am having some stomach problems with the shakes. Bloating and pain. I would like to continue but need to find out what is causing the discomfort. I’ve only been on the challenge for about a week and am thinking about switching from milk to water to mix the shakes but worry about the taste. Any suggestions.

    • defisante
      17-Aug at

      Hi Susan,
      Were you drinking milk before starting the shakes?
      Some bloating and gas is to be expected during the first week because the shakes have more fiber than most people typically consume but it does pass (see my earlier post about this here ( Then again, my first question is important to make sure it isn’t a milk issue.
      You can definitely switch to water and it won’t impact the taste at all, but it will drastically reduce the calories, so be aware that you will probably have to eat a bigger snack between meals since the fullness will disappear sooner. I personally have switched to almond milk in my shakes and smoothies. It provides more nutrition than water (obviously) and I’m experimenting eliminating cows milk – because I like to experiment! I would stay away from juices, however because they are full of sugar.
      I hope this helps!

  14. Heather
    17-Aug at

    My question is price. I have an ADHD 13yr old that eats very little becaues of the meds. I would like him to have the nurtrients he is not getting. Would these shakes be good for children not needing to lose weight? I aslo have a 10yr old. My husband and my self could tone up and lose a few pounds. So a family of 4 would cost how much a month? Our neighbors are hosting a Body By Vi party Sunday and I want to know if it is even with in our means. Thanks for answering my questions.

    • defisante
      17-Aug at

      Hi Heather, thanks for dropping by.
      I sent you an email so we can chat offline regarding your particular needs. I need more information to recommend the proper challenge kits and products for your family. However, as far as your son goes, the shakes can absolutely be used as nutritional meal supplements rather than meal replacements! If you aren’t familiar with the Community Challenge, ViSalus does provide shakes as meals to underpriviledged schools and also during disaster relief efforts, but back to your son… If he is not eating enough, I certainly recommend to add this to his regimen – not to replace anything he is already eating (assuming it is all nutritious foods, that is).
      I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  15. JD
    17-Aug at

    I have stumbled onto this site while searching for ways to get my weight loss started again. I am a runner and am feeling better physically but cant seem to lose the weight. I need to lose at least 30 pounds and I know I will be able to keep it off. I am not interested in selling the product or anything, would just like to give it a month and see if it works. I see that it is an automatic shipment each month. Is there an easy way to cancel if I decide it is not for me?

    • defisante
      17-Aug at

      Hi Jeana,
      Thanks for dropping by. I sent you an email for more information specifically about your running but as for your question about autoship, I always recommend my customers sign up for the challenge on autoship (that way they pay wholesale instead of retail pricing). Now you can always easily cancel future shipments if you advise ViSlaus before your scheduled autoship date. I have this video that explains everything
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. Lizzy
    18-Aug at

    I’m super skeptical as it seems to me this is just a new way at pyramided schemes. I mean the marketing is brilliant. Using the multi-million dollar weight loss industry as your multi marketing. Brilliant. Sure who wouldn’t like to get free product or a BMW but frankly it im not interested in promoting a company that dangles this in my face. “Buy our great product and you can win a BMW but first you have to sell sell sell so WE can make our money.” Sure if you have a sales background and have the gift of gab its a no brainier. For some one like me who is NOT a sales person is a difficult task. With all that said in my opinion it defames the integrity of your product. I have a client who went on this(a male) and lost 12 lbs in three weeks. He was trying to get me to try it. When I found out about the details of sell 3 and its free it completely turned me off and I though Hmmmm is he for real in his weight loss or just selling me. The reality of the situation is this. If you replace 2 meals with a low calorie anything you will lose weight. So tell me what makes your product so different from a low calorie plan?

    • defisante
      19-Aug at

      Hi Lizzy,

      Thanks for your comment because it’s really important to share perceptions. We can all learn from perceptions to improve our communication. So, let me just address the elements you raise in your comment – pyramid schemes, forced promotion, and what makes our program different from calorie restriction.

      So first off, is ViSalus a pyramid scheme? Well, a pyramid scheme is actually an illegal scam that implies that money flows up but nothing comes back. A ponzi investment scheme is like a pyramid, but the ViSalus marketing structure is not. We have customers and promoters. For every sale, a commission is paid at different levels. The customer receives the product and the immediate distributor receives a commission, then smaller commissions are also trickled up the organization. The company chose to compensate it’s promoters rather than pay huge sums for advertising. You can find out more about the marketing structure here :

      Second, forced promotion. I am sorry you got the impression you have to sell anything. Chantal and I have dozens of clients who are very content paying for and receiving their challenge kit every month. They have no interest in the prizes, no interest in promoting the challenge, and like you, no interest in sharing their success with others. That’s fine. ViSalus just created the 3 for FREE program as an incentive to keep customers on the challenge – who could say no to free, right? There is certainly no obligation to share your success, but it’s nice to know that we reward our customers for referrals, don’t you think? By the way, the BMW program is for challenge promoters only. The company decided to make this incentive very achievable early in the compensation plan – it is not something that customers can win – the BMW bonus is earned for sales volume! You can find out about the complete promoter compensation plan here

      Finally, what makes the challenge different from calorie restriction? Well, the whole principle behind the Vi-Shape is that it provides complete nutrition in a lower calorie meal. So yes, caloric intake is reduced, but contrary to simply reducing portions or skipping meals (common calorie reduction tactics) the complete nutrition provided is actually healthier than the typical foods people eat. This is why our customers report so many different benefits beyond weight loss. You will not witness this in simple calorie reduction programs. Please watch this video that explains all the nutrition contained in our Vi-Shape shakes

      So I hope this clarifies for you and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

  17. JB
    21-Aug at

    I have finally located a Vi promoter who is actually discussing the products and opportunity in a logical, thoughtful manner. You even added qualifiers and disclaimers. Most of the claims and discussions I’ve read eerily remind me of the many MLM meetings I’ve been invited that feel like a mindless high school pep rally. I teach for a living, but have been a six workout per week, six meal per day fitness guy since 2003 when I first did the Body For Life Challenge. I’ve also done P90X, Insanity and endless other variations of workouts depending on the goal of muscle gain or fat loss. I have found that a fitness program is half nutrition and half exercise. My problem with the Vi promotion is that they seem to forget the hard work of the workout and sometimes seem to lead people to believe that you can make these muscle gains without exercise. It’s not claimed in a de-facto way, but seems to be there, prima facia, simply because I don’t see any exercise program specifically associated with the marketing. Getting in elite shape is not as easy as drinking a shake. That said, I am interested. Tell me more offline.

    • defisante
      25-Aug at

      Thanks Joel. Looking forward to our chat!

  18. Brenda
    22-Aug at

    l have been on these shakes for a week now, and l really do not like the bloating,,, l only have one shake a day.l am thinking about not doing this any more, l mix it with about l cup milk and some juice or water and fruit. l drank mild before, and had a smoothie almost every day, but not with vi-shake in it,,.And l have put on 2 pounds since l started using this,,, not happy about that…l would like to lose about 10 pounds, and l dont’ consider my self bad eater,,, so just wondering whats up here with these shakes,,,so my concern is the bloating and the 2 pound weight gain…

    • defisante
      22-Aug at

      Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have a couple of comments for you…

      First off, are you using the Vi-Shape as a meal replacement? In other words, did you eliminate a meal a replace it with a Vi-shake? Just from a caloric standpoint, if you are replacing a meal you are most likely reducing your calories consumed and so, you should lose some weight. But if you don’t eliminate a meal, like if you are actually adding a shake to your diet – for example, as a post exercise recovery drink, then you won’t lose weight.

      The next thing to consider is the amount of fibre you are adding by taking the Vi-Shape. People react differently to that increase in fibre and I recommend you read my earlier comments about it and my post “what to expect your first week” here

      Also check out what Audrey says in her video in your ViNet under Transformation tools if you haven’t seen it already.

      I hope this helps. I suggest you stick it out for another week before changing anything and keep a log of what you are eating and putting in the shakes. Then after that, if you haven’t come back to “normal”, change one thing at a time until you do. For example, you may be drinking more milk than before so that might be something to replace with lactose free milk or soy or almond milk. Are you using bananas? They have a tendency to cause constipation…Are you regular? Are you drinking enough water during the day.

  19. Carrie
    22-Aug at

    I am very interested in this product, but i am wondering how it would work with an underactive thyroid. i am on medications for this, it it okay to still take them?

    • defisante
      22-Aug at

      Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for visiting! Although I personally cannot take a stance on that, I suggest you print out the ingredients of the Vi-Shape and Vi-Pak (or whatever else is in the kit you would want to meet your challenge goal) and then have your doctor look it over. You can find the product information on the bottom of this page (in pdf format)

      After your get the green light, give me a call and we’ll get you started on the challenge!

  20. Terri
    25-Aug at

    I am not seeing the cost to do the challenge. How much are we looking at for my husband and myself?

    • defisante
      25-Aug at

      Hi Terri, thanks for visiting.

      In answer to your question, the challenge is not really a cost because you are merely re-allocating funds you would otherwise be spending on certain meals. In actual fact, you will be saving money because our prices are lower than you would spend if you weren’t on the challenge! That’s kind of neat…

      As an example, our most expensive challenge kit is the Transformation kit which is $249 + S/H for a month’s supply (provided you select the autoship option) That will replace your expenditure for 60 meals plus 30 beverages in that month. Let’s say you have a Starbuck’s coffee every day at $2 each, for the sake of this example. And let’s say you spend about 10 dollars per meal (and that’s pretty conservative considering the price of groceries and restaurants these days). Your total actual expenses for the month is $660. Now compare that to our most expensive (and powerful) kit at around $275 and you are looking at an actual savings of $385!

      Go to this post to determine which kit is the most suitable for you, and your husband too!

      Looking forward to hearing your challenge success story!

  21. notreallysureaboutthis
    25-Aug at

    Well, let me add the link. She does say that they didn’t “cure” it, which she can’t say for legal reasons, but thats basically what the video says. I found other videos for cancer, fybromyalgia, MS, etc. The only one missing right now is AIDS! yeesh… I just don’t think you should be letting your promoters make videos like this,because they are also the voice of your company and are all but saying that Vi will cure them. Google/YouTube, my friend, and you’ll find hundreds of videos produced by your promoters basically telling people that this product will cure them (without using the word cure), and lots of people stating that they made major medical decisions without permission of their doctors. And, of course, other promoters see these videos, and send them out again, and again, and again. If it’s not medically proven to be true, I wouldn’t let them make these videos, just saying. Some serious liabilities here.

    I’m glad nothing happened to this woman when she went off her meds, but I guess we’ll see what happens with time, since she’s only been off of them a few months. I”m not trying to say anything here, just that there’s all these videos being made, and sure, maybe they aren’t official Vi videos, but they are being made to appear as being from the company since they are being made by “employees”. And if you let them continue making these videos in order to promote and sell the product, then I’m guessing, if someone had serious medical issues as a result of seeing these videos basically giving permission to go off their meds for WHATEVER ailment they have, I would bet you could be held liable, since the promoters are IN the videos, it’s not just a customer who set up a webcam.

    And PS, crohns disease effects everything from your mouth down to the anus, it does NOT just live in the intestines (clearly,that quote you gave came from someone who wiki-d the disease, instead of actually knowing what it is;no worries, but at least be accurate, come on).

  22. Stephanie
    25-Aug at

    I noticed the disclaimer at the bottom of your distributor website say not for pregnant women or lactating but then you see the distributor post that it is for pregnant women start now. So I guess I have to ask can pregnant women take it or not. This is confusing.

    • defisante
      26-Aug at

      Hi Stephanie, I know it’s a bit confusing. I have been asked that question before so I checked with the ViSalus scientific advisory board. The disclaimer is there because pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t be trying to lose weight at that stage – they need all the nutrition for themselves and their baby. Now there is no problem supplementing your nutrition but I wouldn’t recommend meal replacement. Does that make more sense now?

  23. Kendall
    26-Aug at

    So if Body by Vi does work in every way that it claims but the only problem is that some people gain their weight back after the 90 days…is that really a problem with Body by Vi or with the individuals using it??? You can’t change your entire life in 90 days…it’s a good start but it really is a lifestyle transformation that you have to continue after the 90 days. What makes it easier is that people using it can keep getting their product for free as long as they have 3 friends buying under them…why not continue a life challenge instead of stopping at 90 days. It’s the individuals choice whether they want to really change…let’s take some personal responsibility for a change and not blame a product.

    • defisante
      26-Aug at

      Kendall, you are abosultely correct! Our whole intent here was to manage expectations and emphasize that for long term health, long term changes have to be made.
      Thanks for your comment!

  24. Donna JOhnston
    26-Aug at

    What is the orac value of this product? Does it have health Canada Backing? How many people are on the research and development team? How many products do you hav?

  25. Darren Little
    28-Aug at

    How can a person go 90 days on shakes only and then go back to eating food and not expect to gain weight again?

    • defisante
      29-Aug at

      How can a multi-billion dollar weightloss and fitness industry exist despite a 90% failure rate?

  26. herama
    29-Aug at

    Way to advertise more lame quick fixes under the thinly veiled guide of objective observer. Please. Integrating regular exercise and learning how to eat right (which does not include “nutritious shakes” 2x per day) as part of a one’s daily life is the most effective long-term way to achieve a goal weight and optimal health- and maintain both.

    MLM diet plans = creepy and obscenely opportunistic.

    • defisante
      29-Aug at

      I could have done without the insults but I’ll publish your comment anyway because your point about effective long-term weight management is valid – in a perfect world, that is. Unfortunately, the majority of North Americans fail to see long term and have poor eating and fitness habits to start with. The challenge merely provides a catalyst to jump start a healthier regime, by making it simple and affordable to get healthy nutrition. Did you not read my review?

      As far as your Network Marketing comment – well that’s your opinion. I guess you don’t read the Wall Street Journal that recently featured the Direct Selling industry as a mainstream business model and answer for many to our current economic plight. But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion…

  27. Loree Brownfield
    29-Aug at

    Yes i have been reading questions and answers here. I have a low functioning gallbladder, a hyiatel hernia, and chronic reflux. I eat high quality, organic or sustainable foods. We participate in a local farmers market in our home town. I have back issues also, and used to walk a bit, but have stopped over the past 11 months due to chronic pain. I choose to avoid getting my gallbladder out if at all possible. With that said i am 55 and need to loose at least 40 lbs. I do not want to be a size 3 as when i was young. I would like to be a comfortable 8 to 10. My concerns are.. I am sensitive to everything. Anything whether natural or not i have intolerances to. Either stomach wise or heart racing, elevated blood pressure, or more serious allergic reactions. Is there anyway i can get a full complete list of the ingredients in the body by vi shake mix. And can u tell me honestly if i have these stomach issues already even though my husband and I both eat good natural foods, and rarely eat out, could changing to skipping a meal and replacing it with Body by vi shake mix, be an upheaval to my sensitive nature. I would really like to know any hidden ingredients and or a full list. Thank you.

  28. Marlena
    29-Aug at

    Ordered my kit, but nervous about the taste and if I will be hungry during this change. I have seen results with the friends that have completed and continue their plan. I guess I am just a nervous Nelly.

    • defisante
      30-Aug at

      Hi Marlena,
      Welcome to the challenge!
      Your distributor should introduce you to the Vi-Net and the training videos back there – watch them and it will help you know what to do.

  29. Kelsey
    30-Aug at

    I am considering trying this, I had a baby six weeks ago and have a wedding coming in 9 months so I need to get kick started on weight loss. I do have Celiac Disease and want to make sure these are gluten free?

    • defisante
      30-Aug at

      Congratulations on your new baby! Yes the Vi-Shape is gluten free. As far as using our products for weight loss, I don’t recommend the Vi-Slim or Vi-Trim if you are breasfeeding. We consulted with our nutritionist and here’s what she responded:

      “Our shakes are a great way for pregnant, or lactating women to get added protein, calcium, fiber and nutrients in their diet. We do not however, recommend that they use them to try to lose weight while pregnant or lactating, as the baby needs the extra caloiries.
      So we do not recommend they use Vi-Slim or Vi-Trim, as babies do not need help with metabolism, etc. The Neuro product is technically fine…it’s just whether the mom uses/wants to have caffeine.
      This is why we have the warning on the label, so that they don’t think they can use it for weight loss”.
      – Audrey Sommerfeld

  30. Dee
    30-Aug at

    with people who have done the 90 day challenge, whats the average weight loss you have heard about/seen with in these people? I also ordered my kit today, anxious to get started.

    • defisante
      30-Aug at

      The challenge is not always about weight loss so that’s a bit of a misnomer right off the bat. But let’s assume that we consider only people with weight loss goals…The results really vary for several reasons but here are some of the variables we’ve noted:

    • The more you have to lose, the more you lose.
    • Your personal commitment to follow the program is directly related to the results you can expect.
    • Different people have varying results based on which meals they replace – you need to find which works best for you.
    • The estimates you see on the guide on this page are reasonable. We have seen much higher results in our team but I am sure the 3 factors I mentioned above played a significant part in it. For example, Tom and Jan (Body by Vi couple’s champions) lost over 110 between the 2 of them on their challenge. Their results aren’t typical but they are not that uncommon either!