Free Protein Sample – Vi Shape

free protein sampleHow would you like to receive a FREE PROTEIN SAMPLE of the Vi-Shape?

Yup, we’ve been asked enough times to provide samples that we decided to offer them to everyone who wants to “try before they buy”.

We are so convinced that you will love the taste of the Vi Shape that you will not be content with a just free protein sample and you will want to start your challenge right away.

Seems like a big claim?

Not really.  Now you have no excuse to not look into this 90 Day Challenge thingy everyone is talking about..Just COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW to access our custom free protein sample order page and try it for yourself!

Then be sure to tell us what you think.

Life. Health. Properity.


(aka. Defisante)

p.s. Of course I am assuming you know that by accepting to receive a free protein sample, we’ll be sending you some more information about the Body by Vi Challenge, right?

free protein sample

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13 comments for “Free Protein Sample – Vi Shape

  1. Renee Townsend
    25-Sep at

    Can’t wait to try your sample of protein powder. Thanks

  2. Marry Carcini
    21-Oct at

    I would like to try a sample of the product thank u

  3. Connie Hulsey
    14-Jan at

    I am a recent breast cancer survivor and need to loose weight so bad. I have gained alot of weight due to several health problems and now a damaged nerve in my leg. The Dr. told me that if I don’t loose the weight I could be crippled. Can this help me?????
    Desperatly seeking results

    • defisante
      18-Mar at

      Yes, Connie, we can help!

  4. K
    19-Jan at

    If this is a free sample, why am I paying shipping fees? That would make it not free. I call false adervtising on that part. Free means free, which also means you cover shipping fee’s. If not, then you need to make it clear that it is not a free product sample, but have to pay the shipping fee.

    • defisante
      19-Jan at

      Seriously? We are paying the sample – that means it’s free. All we ask is you pay for the shipping. That’s only fair.

  5. melissa shaner
    30-Jan at

    Hi my name is Melissa and it is saying that i received this free product from you but I never have I would love to try this because I know of alot of people that are doing it but i want to try before i commit to it to make sure I like it..Thanks Melissa Shaner

    • defisante
      18-Mar at

      Welcome to the challenge Melissa!

  6. cindy walls
    17-Nov at

    i would like to try this product

    • defisante
      19-Nov at

      You can order a sample to try it. Fill in the form above…

  7. cindy walls
    19-Nov at

    i would like to try a free sample

    • defisante
      19-Nov at

      Just fill in the contact form above :)

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