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  1. charlotte B. Huber
    15-Nov at

    There is no way — repeat, NO WAY — to stop receiving the autoship products from Visalus. I decided to stop the program, but their website won’t let me access my account to cancel! Visaluc won’t let me correct the username and password, and won’t send me that info, although I’ve tried every know combination of words. My emails to them go unanswered. My only apparent option now is to protest the monthly Mastercard charge for this unwanted product.

    • defisante
      8-Dec at

      Charlotte, I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your account. You should contact the promoter who introduced you to the challenge if you have problems like that. We ensure all our clients are satisfied and go the extra mile for them…

  2. terrie theibert
    9-Feb at

    how much does each kit cost???

    • defisante
      20-Feb at

      Hi Kim,

      The Balance kit is $49, Shape kit is $99, Core kit is $199, Transformation is $249, and Fit is $299.

      All the prices are wholesale for one months supply.

      Shipping costs are added plus applicable taxes depending on where you live.

      Hope this helps.

      If you have any questions, please let me know.

  3. Colleen
    9-Feb at

    Now that i have seen someone that can’t cancel there account makes me very worried about even giving my credit card information out now. I don’t want to be charged if i don’t want the product every month. Is this how you people scam to make your money.

    • defisante
      23-Feb at


  4. sue
    23-Feb at

    if i buy this i dont want them taking out of my acount every month.. can i not jus buy one month supply at a time?

    • defisante
      23-Feb at

      Yes, you can buy on a per order basis, but you will pay retail pricing (about 20% more).

  5. Polly Bobiwash
    25-Apr at

    I am seriously thinking about buying into this product. I have reviewed the nutritional values and it seems to have the essentials needed to maintain nutrition with enough protein. I am also very concerned that if I sign up then I will have difficuly cancelling if I do not get results. I was going to order online but you say I should have a promoter who can navigate for me should I have difficulties. I do not have a promoter. What to do what to do? How can you assure me that I will be able to cancel my subscription in a timely manner if necessary.

    • defisante
      27-Apr at

      Hi Polly,

      Not to worry. As soon as a customer orders from us, I send them a video that explains how to navigate in their Body by Vi account so they won’t have to guess what to do and can take advantage of all the tools in there. That also includes how they can manage their own shipments and subscription.

  6. Debbie
    9-May at

    Why is my friend telling me it is 499 to join

    • defisante
      9-May at

      Hi Debbie,

      If they are telling you that, they are either:
      a. not your friend, or
      b. don’t know any better.

      If you want to know why I can say this, I suggest you read this particular post on my promoter blog at http://abodybyvibiz.com/visalus-bmw

      Let me know if I can help.

  7. Alex
    2-Jul at

    Hi, i am very interested in this program. im not sure if i have a lack of navigational skill so if so please forgive ne.. but i am unsure of which package is the one for me. i am 5’1 and currently 153lbs , sz 11/12. before my 2 sons i was a sz 3/4 110lbs… i would be happy to just make it to 120lbs / sz 5. thank you in advance!

  8. sarah
    6-Aug at

    I dont think its either debbie, It is 499 to join if you intend to sell. IF you don’t intend to sell than that’s not remotely correct, and the prices would be what were quoted above.

    • defisante
      6-Aug at

      And $499 is only one of the three possible promoter options. There is one at $49 and one at $999 as well. Anyone who only quotes $499 is wrong or dishonest.

  9. Brandy
    6-Aug at

    I want a sample to try then how do I order and where from?

  10. teresa
    6-Jul at

    I have been doing body by vi for over four weeks I have lost only about 9 lbs I drink 2 shakes a day how can I speed up the weight lost.

    • Defisante
      7-Jul at

      Hi Teresa,
      Judging from the information you provided in this and your other comment, I would guess that you aren’t consuming enough calories for effective weight loss. I can’t say for sure because I don’t have all the information I need to be certain but the 2 shakes you describe are about 250 calories each plus a salad of about 50 calories without dressing makes for a total daily caloric intake of 550 calories! That’s not even enough for a 4 year-old!

      So what probably happened is you saw some initial results at first and then your body realized that you are starving it. It then went into a self-preservation mode by lowering your metabolism and conserving energy to ensure that your vital body systems continue to function. Weight loss stops because your body will store as much energy as it can to keep functioning properly. This is not a healthy situation and over time can cause some serious health issues.

      I would suggest you gat an accurate reading of your minimum caloric intake requirement. I like using the BMR calculator at MyFitnessPal (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/tools/bmr-calculator). Once you know that, you can adjust your meals accordingly. As a minimum, if you keep eating what you’re eating, add some protein to your salad (some hard boiled eggs, or tuna, or salmon, or grilled chicken breast), and also add to snacks during the day, like some almonds, apple and cheese, or cottage cheese and fresh peach slices…making sure that you have some protein there too.

      If you purchased your Vi-shape from a respectable promoter, they should be providing this advice to you and helping your during your challenge. If you bought your product from a re-seller like Amazon, this is part of the difference in support you get for saving a few bucks.

      The other thing I would mention is that if you purchased from a promoter, you benefit from a 90 day results guarantee so it’s in your (and their) best interest to help your reach your goal.

      Hope this advice helps you and if you want to receive our personal support throughout your challenge, order your next kit from http://vichallengenow.com

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