Why is Breakfast Important – Skipping Breakfast can be Hazardous to your Health

Breakfast ImportantYou’ve probably heard it said a million times; “skipping breakfast is not good for you”, yet you still have difficulty eating breakfast, so why is breakfast important anyway?

Well, let’s start by saying you are not alone in skipping breakfast.  For example,  University of California Berkeley study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that a full 25% of us don’t eat breakfast (and I’m one of them!).  There are many potential reasons for this but let’s touch upon 2 of the most common and that I can relate to – a lack of time, and the absence of hunger.  We’ll get back to these in a moment but first, let’s explain why is breakfast important.

why is breakfast important

An empty stomach lowers your metabolic rate and slows your digestive system. The result is a dip in energy levels.  I usually experienced these symptoms by around 10 am on days I was skipping breakfast.

At this point, I needed some food, and fast!  I craved quick energy foods like pastries, fruit, or a cookie. Do you recognize how these are carbs?   Our bodies crave carbs because it wants the quick energy they provide. This is because our sugar levels have dropped and our pancreas realizes our blood needs more sugar.

You get hungry, eat a snack, get a little energy, but what happens next?  Your pancreas now finds there is too much sugar, so it pumps in insulin and your sugar levels drop.   Then you are back to being tired and jaded again.

For someone who doesn’t eat properly or regularly, this cycle continues throughout the day.  Then the next day it starts all over again.  These erratic up and down cycles are a huge strain on our systems, our bodies become accustomed to quick energy sources and automatically store some “in case another low comes around” and before we know it, the weight begins to pile on and can even lead to obesity and diabetes!

So why do 1 in 4 of us put our bodies through this?  Why are we skipping breakfast when we know deep down, that breakfast is important.  Well, in my case, it’s because I’m not hungry when I first wake and get ready for work.  I have tried on several occasions to eat despite this and then I feel nauseous – that can’t be better.  It seems my body is not ready to accept food so soon in the day.

But I don’t think this is an irreversible condition because I have been able to re-train my body to accept breakfast now.  But, there is no way I can eat a huge meal, and besides, I certainly don’t have time to PREPARE one anyway.

Sound familiar?  It should.  We are the most time-constrained generation ever to walk this earth!  Our lives pull us in a million different directions and we simply cannot spend our precious time preparing a complex and complete breakfast.

So what is the solution?  Finding a quick way to get the most complete nutritious breakfast possible.  I am happy to report that now that I’ve done that, my energy levels are more stable throughout the day and I no longer crave those empty carb calories.

Click here to learn what that super practical breakfast is for me. I find this particular breakfast important because I can take it at home and just as easily when I’m on the go.  For example when I went away on business for a few days, I didn’t have to resort to the hotel food for breakfast – I had my own!




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3 comments for “Why is Breakfast Important – Skipping Breakfast can be Hazardous to your Health

  1. Shanna
    6-Apr at

    Yes, breakfast is important and it doesn’t have to be in the morning. If you have an odd schedule, work third shift… it doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you wake up from resting/rejuvenating your body it NEEDs nourishment, the first meal of the day most commonly referred to as ‘breakfast’. :)

  2. Dr, James
    6-Jun at

    That’s correct… if you need to lose a few lbs or not we should only eat if we are hungry… Warning, always re-consider that the source of your diet information. The doctors that designed the healthy food pyramid are as overweight as anyone and only have a life expectancy of less than 60 years…

    By the way? just what will happen if we never ever ate a meal before 12 noon? any stats?

    I’ve never seen any just some big mouths blowing off smoke. If you are over weight the only condition more dangerous is for the child in the womb with over 1 million annual abortions.. wow we have warped ideas of healthy don;t we?

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