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  1. mary luciani
    9-Feb at

    I purchased the V-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix packs as an energy booster (so I was told at purchase).
    However, it has the opposite effects-within an hour I can hardly keep awake. Is there an ingredient(s) that causes this? I do not want to take at breakfast as I’m afraid I’ll want to take a nap for the rest of the morning. There is another woman I know who has had the same experience.
    Please advise . Thank you.

    • defisante
      18-Mar at

      No, there are no ingredients that would cause that. I have never heard of anyone feeling drowsy after their shakes, but definitely the opposite. What are you mixing them with?

  2. john boulet
    23-Apr at

    I know this is a protein shake, and protein?purine turns into uric acid…. but what are the effects on gout.according to my Doctor I should stay away from the shake…But its working well?

    • defisante
      27-Apr at

      Hi John,

      He is a testimonial I found related to Gout……Hope it helps. I would check with my doctor anyway, though….

      Ivan VanHuss Lindy: I have been on Celebrex, and then Mobic for Gout. I had also been drinking a shot glass of all natural Tart Cherry Juice once a day cause believe it or not, that worked better than just about anything to keep it in check. Since I started drinking the shakes, I no longer take Mobic, or drink the Tart Cherry juice and have had no flare ups at all. This person’s doctor must not want them taking the shakes because having fear that that will cut into the Doctor’s money supply if they don’t come back! Tell them to get in touch with me cause they need to do the shakes and toss the quack!!

  3. katy
    30-Apr at

    I am on medication for hypothyroidism from past 4 years…100mcg dosage…can i take body by Vi product…is it safe for me?

    • defisante
      30-Apr at

      Hi Katy,

      Whenever it comes to medication, you should always check with you doctor or pharmacist first, just to be sure by bringing them the ingredients listing.

      Good Luck!

  4. Leanne
    28-Jul at

    Katy, I also have Thyroid Disease (hypothyroidism) and I LOVE this product. I have been able to lose 40 pounds so far!!!

  5. Toni
    17-Mar at

    Hey John, I have gout, and type 2 diabetes can I still do the transformation kit?

  6. Regina HIne
    25-May at

    I have RA and take hummara and methrotrate also high blood pressure medicine. Should I drink the shakes with the medication? Could you include list of ingredients in them?

    • Defisante
      26-May at

      Hi Regina,
      You can find the ingredients listed here http://bodybyviprogram.com/visalus-ingredients
      I suggest you take the ingredients listing to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure there are no issues with your medications.

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